Thursday 7th March at City Campus

Convergence - the coming together of different elements to create a cohesive whole.

This is the second Creative Industries Symposium held in our multi-award winning super college in the heart of Glasgow.  

The symposium will explore and celebrate the importance of traditional skills in the production of objects and recognises that these practices can be enhanced by technology and are now often being used in diverse and exciting new contexts.  The symposium's aspiration is to create an inspiring convergence of ideas, experiences and reflections.

We are delighted to have such a wide range of speakers and creative practitioners from across this diverse and dynamic sector including:-

  • Shereen Nanjiani - Broadcaster.
  • Paul Little - Principal & CEO of City of Glasgow College.
  • Simon Dancey - CEO of Creative & Cultural Skills.
  • Marion Parola - Bespoke Atelier.
  • Agnes Jones - Artist & Blacksmith.
  • Steven and Ffion Blench - Chalk.
  • Naomi McIntosh - Designer Maker.
  • Geoffrey Mann - Glass Artist.
  • Keith Brymer Jones - Ceramicist.
  • Bettina Scheibe - Production Designer.
  • Steve Begg - Visual Effects Designer.
  • Mike Kelt - Artem.
  • Paul Simmons - Timorous Beasties.

View the programme here.