'Buoyed Up at Work' - Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation Riverside event

In a bid to inspire the next generation of maritime enthusiasts, Riverside Campus recently played host to 600 bright-eyed primary 6 students for an unforgettable two-day event: 'Buoyed Up at Work'. Partnering with the esteemed Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation, the initiative aimed to ignite young minds with the wonders of the maritime industry.

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday (4th and 5th of March), the campus buzzed with excitement as eager students delved into a whirlwind of maritime-themed activities. From unravelling the mysteries of Archimedes' Principle to mastering the art of navigation, each session boasted a rich tapestry of educational experiences, all carefully crafted to ignite curiosity and passion.

Led by experts from various sectors of the maritime world, the students immersed themselves in activities designed to highlight the diverse opportunities awaiting them at sea. Whether exploring stability with VShips or delving into the intricacies of safety at sea with Stream Marine, each session provided a glimpse into the multifaceted realm of maritime careers.

Among the highlights were star mapping and simulators courtesy of Clyde Marine, offering students a taste of the celestial navigation skills essential to life on the open ocean. Additionally, Seapeak's insightful session on protecting the marine environment underscored the importance of conservation and sustainability in maritime practices.

The event's overarching goal was clear: to inspire a new generation of seafarers. By providing engaging, firsthand experiences, 'Buoyed Up at Work' aimed to plant the seeds of curiosity and ambition in young minds, encouraging them to consider the boundless opportunities available in the maritime industry.

City of Glasgow Colleges continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the academic futures of prospective students and enriching the educational landscape of local communities.