City’s FIRST Lego League Competition

Curriculum Head Katie Jordan with competition winners the Lego Raiders Curriculum Head Katie Jordan with competition winners the Lego Raiders

In a dazzling showcase of imagination and technical prowess, 70 primary and secondary school pupils from across Scotland convened at Riverside campus on Friday, March 1st, to display their engineering talents in an exhilarating First LEGO League robotics competition. Each team of aspiring innovators revealed their meticulously crafted robots, a testament to their precision and creativity.

At the core of this event lay the foundational principles of the FIRST Lego League Values, embracing discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork, and fun! Participants learned firsthand that friendly competition and collective success go hand in hand, emphasising mutual support as the cornerstone of effective teamwork.

Amidst the excitement, one team from a local community group emerged triumphant: the LEGO Riders. Their robot navigated obstacles flawlessly, executing tasks with grace, captivating both judges and spectators. Their victory was a testament to their dedication and collaborative spirit, earning them the prestigious title of champions.

Their smiles not only reflected the joy of victory but also the invaluable lessons gleaned along the journey. Beyond the thrill of competition, this robotics challenge served as a platform for fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among the youth. Such endeavours ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for STEM subjects early on, laying a robust foundation for future academic and career pursuits. Curriculum Head Katie Jordan stated:

‘Inspiring young people to explore STEM is essential to ensure its a pathway they consider for future study here at City of Glasgow College.’

The event really celebrated the achievements of these young innovators but also underscored the significance of hands-on learning experiences in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Well done to all involved!