City students enjoy Jamie Genevieve Q&A

Students at the City of Glasgow College were treated to an enriching and motivational experience as they participated in a dynamic Q&A session with social media makeup influencer Jamie Genevieve, the visionary behind the cosmetics brand Vieve.

Jamie, a college graduate who is renowned for her authenticity and empowering messages, shared her inspiring journey from makeup enthusiast to thriving entrepreneur, leaving the audience invigorated and eager to pursue their own aspirations.

The Q&A, held as part of the College Scotland Conference, aimed to offer students tangible insights into the realm of entrepreneurship. Jamie's candid responses and relatable anecdotes captivated attendees, fostering an atmosphere of learning and empowerment. Alison Bell Curriculum Head Make-up Artistry and Complementary Therapies stated:

“Within our Make-up Artistry courses, we have a very clear focus on preparing our students for employability and are keen to encourage our groups to explore a wide range of career opportunities through a range of activities such as work experience, volunteering and guest speakers. Having Jamie Geneviève come to the college and deliver such a motivational presentation, and then take the time to answer questions to a group of 2nd Year Make-up students has been a very inspirational experience for those who took part and emphasise our commitment to offering students the best possible experiences during their time at college.”

Throughout the session, students eagerly posed questions spanning a spectrum of topics, from navigating a competitive market to maintaining authenticity in the digital age. Genevieve's honest answers resonated deeply, providing invaluable guidance and practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Her emphasis on authenticity and self-belief struck a chord with many in the audience, reinforcing the importance of staying true to oneself amidst societal pressures.

As the session drew to a close, students expressed heartfelt gratitude to Jamie for generously sharing her wisdom and experiences. The event concluded with a renewed sense of determination among attendees, inspired to apply the lessons learned to their own pursuits. Second year HND Make-up Artistry Student Amy Campbell stated:

“I found the day with Jamie really great! I have thought about it a lot since and how inspired it made me feel to dream big and not to be afraid to dream big and go for it, if she can do it I can do it. It’s definitely changed my perspective, I want to work in tv and film but have had doubts thinking it’s not realistic and I need to think of something else I can actually do, but she reminded me I should dream to work in big productions and to go for it and really work hard to get where I need to be.”

The Q&A session with Jenny Genevieve exemplified City of Glasgow College's dedication to fostering growth and inspiration among its students. By bridging the gap between aspiring talents and industry leaders, the college continues to cultivate a culture of innovation and excellence, empowering the next generation of influencers and entrepreneurs to leave their mark on the world.

Jamie's story served as a beacon of possibility during Careers Week at City of Glasgow College, illustrating how passion, determination, and creativity can propel individuals to success in any field. As students explore diverse career paths, Jamie's journey encourages them to embrace their passions and chart their own distinctive course in the professional landscape.