City Students Illuminate Trades House Glasgow with Hammermen Collaboration

Last week, in a collaboration with the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow, City was thrilled to celebrate the exceptional achievements of its HND Jewellery students at the Trades House Glasgow. 

The Hammermen of Glasgow is one of the city's fourteen crafts, acting as a charity and providing financial support to chosen causes. Its members, who come from various professions, participate in modern engineering practices alongside other trades. 

In a display of creative craftsmanship, the students embarked on a journey to design 9ct gold links for the Hammermen's Chain of Office, using state-of-the-art CAD technology. This fusion of tradition and modernity displayed their artistic vision but also underscored their commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional design. 

With a steadfast dedication to ethical making, the students used recycled gold provided by their partners at VipaDesign, aligning with the College's ethos of sustainability and responsibility. Each link served as a canvas, weaving together narratives inspired by the illustrious careers and inspirations of past and present Deacons, adding layers of significance to their creations. 

Under the expert guidance of their lecturer, David Finlay, the students flourished, honing their skills, and unleashing their creative potential. The resulting exhibition was a testament to their talent, highlighting the artistic prowess that defined their collaboration with the Hammermen. 

Adding to the evening's jubilation, the Hammermen announced an annual award to commend outstanding achievement among the college's students, cementing the enduring partnership between the two institutions. 

Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, David Finlay expressed: ‘Tonight's celebration not only pays homage to tradition but also illuminates the path for the future generation of jewellers."  

This collaboration has produced stunning works of art but had also forged enduring connections between the College, the Hammermen, and a bright future for jewellery design.