Hello Student Accommodation Supports City of Glasgow College ESOL Students

In a heartening display of community spirit, Hello Student Accommodation Glasgow have generously donated books to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) City of Glasgow College students. This initiative aims to aid students whose primary language is not English, providing valuable resources to aid their language learning journey.

Recognised for its commitment to student welfare and community engagement, Hello Student acknowledges the significance of language proficiency in academic success and social integration. Understanding the challenges faced by ESOL students, the company has proactively contributed to their educational enrichment.

James Davies, Associate Dean for ESOL and Communities at the College, expressed gratitude for the donation:

‘Access to authentic English language materials is vital for language acquisition, and even in this digital age, you can't go wrong with a paperback!’

The diverse range of donated books will benefit students enrolled in ESOL programs at the College, supplementing classroom instruction and offering opportunities for independent study and language practice.

External support plays a crucial role in the academic journey of ESOL students at City of Glasgow College. While the college provides foundational resources and guidance, external contributions, such as those from Hello Student Accommodation, further enrich the learning experience.

This support underscores the collective commitment to creating an inclusive educational environment where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive. It reinforces the notion that educational success is a shared responsibility, transcending College boundaries to uplift students toward their goals.

Through collaborative efforts, ESOL students at City of Glasgow College are empowered to overcome language barriers and achieve academic excellence.