STEM Assured

STEM students in the workshop.

STEM Assured is the only standard that provides independent, industry-backed validation of the quality of an institution’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics provision. Aimed at educational institutions, it is an outcome based standard that helps institutions create new partnerships, new revenue streams and enhance the student’s journey of those studying STEM.

To achieve the STEM Assured status, education providers (schools, colleges, universities) are assessed against a robust framework that benchmarks their capability to design and deliver STEM courses that keep pace with emerging technology and the evolving needs of employers.

By achieving the STEM Assured status, an institution can demonstrate that:

  • They deliver consistently high-quality STEM provision aligned with anticipated and current industry requirements.
  • Their provision has a multi-disciplinary context reflecting real-world needs and scenarios.
  • Employability and related transferrable skills are embedded into the curriculum
  • There is a commitment to continual improvement and innovation of its provision, keeping pace with rapid advances in technology and changes in the labour market.
  • Provision is developed and supported through engagement with employers and key stakeholders.

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