A life at sea

Deck and Engineering Officer Trainee Programmes

Our Faculty of Nautical Studies is global in its outlook and reach and its students benefit from links developed with like-minded educational institutions and industry giants around the world.

A wide range of nautical subjects are available including Deck and Engineering Officer Trainee Programmes and Advanced Tanker Courses. There is also a full range of marine operations courses from mandatory training for Merchant Navy Officers to short courses such as MCA, RYA, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR), and Personal Survival Techniques (PST) for the professional development of seafarers.

The faculty has close ties with educational partners on the subcontinent including AMET University, the BP Marine Academy, Vels University in India, and MTI Karachi in Pakistan. It provides training for a number of partner organisations including Clyde Marine Training who recruit around half of the annual trainee officer intake for the British Merchant Navy. 

The faculty also works with Ship Safe Training Group (SSTG) which recruits new entrant deck and engineer officer cadets for members' vessels operating worldwide. These member companies include Global Marine Systems, P&O Ferries, North Star Shipping, and Evergreen Marine.

Carnival UK, part of the Carnival Corporation PLC - the world’s largest leisure travel company – is another partner. Carnival has a wide portfolio of cruise line brands that operate from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The ships visit more than 700 ports around the world and are home to tens of thousands of shipboard employees.

Between the facilities, the breadth of knowledge in the teaching staff, and the global reach of its courses and partnerships, there is no better place to prepare for a life at sea than City of Glasgow College.