Competitor Support Program

City of Glasgow College chef student during WorldSkills competition

The WorldSkills Academy at City of Glasgow College is committed to providing you with support that goes beyond the technical aspects of your skill area to equip you with the mental strength and resilience to flourish to the full.  This includes opportunities to develop the attributes that are highly-prized by employers – such as competence in self-management, collaboration, social intelligence, innovation and creativity. 

We will help you get mentally and physically ready for the pressures of competition through a programme of pioneering mind-set boot camps that will focus on your resilience, health and well-being, personal development, stress release and visualisation while enhancing a strong team ethos

Our performance coach will provide personal guidance and support in topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and techniques for staying focused.  Your skills trainer will work with you in a mentoring capacity to help you develop your capacity for problem-solving and resilience.