Industrial Control (Scotland)

Competition Overview

The competition has been designed to reflect the role of a Control Systems Engineer and the standards that are expected within the indus­try, also covered are elements of electrical and automation installation. The skills that are tested in the practical competition include:

  • Installing and wiring equipment onto the control station.
  • Configuration of equipment.
  • Show control of a drive unit using Siemens TIA Portal software.
  • Debugging and downloading an existing program.
  • Show control of the system completing set tasks.
  • Adding new functionality and operations to a given application.

General Instructions

  • Competitors work in a team of two on the set tasks over two days.
  • Tasks include all aspects of installing and wiring the supplied equipment onto the control station. The team will then configure the equipment and show control of the drive unit.
  • Additional software tasks include looking after the Festo MPS-PA system which involves getting the station up-and-running, debugging and downloading to the PLC and HMI. Teams must also demonstrate an understanding of the program, and show control of the system completing set tasks.
  • Logbooks are also produced to show the steps taken during the competition.

A maximum of 2 teams of 2 competitors may enter this competition per organisation.