Blended and Distance Learning Courses

Nautical students learning navigation skills on ECDIS course.

The college offers a variety of nautical distance learning courses at our Riverside Campus.  The benefits of distance learning to the students are:

  • Continuation of employment while studying.
  • Avoidance of accommodation expenses in the college vicinity.
  • Avoidance of travel expenses to and from the college.
  • Students can progress at their own individual pace.
  • Study at a time and a place that suits you.
  • Flexibility in payments as fees can be broken down and paid for individual units rather than a block fee for the full-time course.

The Faculty of Nautical Studies offers the following distance learning courses:

  1. HND Nautical Science (Chief mate HND).
  2. Second engineer <3000 kW MCA certificate of competency (also known as Class 3, Class 1 Fishing Engineer, Yacht Chief Engineer) – III/1.
  3. Second engineer MCA Certificate of Competency – III/2.
  4. Chief Engineer MCA Certificate of Competency – III/3.

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