Pre Cadet Training

Nautical students in classroom at Riverside campus.

The maritime industry is anything related to the Oceans, Sea, Shipping, Ports and Harbours and everything in-between! As an island nation, the UK has one of the most vibrant and competitive maritime sectors in the world; and is set to grow exponentially over the next few decades. 

The Merchant Navy is the collective term for commercial shipping and includes a variety of vessels from cruise ships to tankers and cargo ships of all descriptions.  In order to train as an officer in the merchant navy, you will first need to pick a specialisation whether it be Deck, Electro-technical or Marine Engineering.

Our pre-cadetship programme has been designed to give you experience of all three departments in the Merchant Navy and is suitable if you haven't decided which branch is best for you or if you've missed out on the entry requirements for a full cadetship.

Access to Maritime and STEM (August Pre-Cadetship) (SCQF 5) - This course is designed for students who have achieved National 4's at school or who would like to pursue a career at sea as an Officer, but do not yet meet the academic requirements for company selection.  This college course will give you the minimum academic requirements to apply for an HNC Cadet Programme through a sponsoring company or training provider. 

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