Mechatronics (Scotland)

Competition Overview

This is a practical competition, for a team of 2, that will test your logic, design and fault finding skills in a challenging environment. To complete the tasks competitors are expected to apply their theoretical knowledge of fundamental principles, automation, pneumatic, electrical/electronic and PLC technologies. The skills that are tested in the practical competition include:

  • Designing, building and testing pneumatic, electro-pneumatic circuits and PLC programmes for sequential and non-sequential tasks; system building and process optimisation.
  • mechanically assembling a given set of components to a specification.
  • electro-pneumatic circuit simulation.
  • adding new functionality and operations to a given application.
  • System integration and optimisation.
  • General impression and function.

General Instructions

  • Maximum working time is 7 hours at regional heats (one-day event) and 11 at the National Final (two-day event).
  • At the start of the competition, an allotted time will be allocated for work planning. This time is not part of the working time.
  • The competition will consist of tasks that involve designing pneumatic, electro-pneumatic sequences as well as programming a PLC to perform similar tasks; system building, commissioning and optimisation.
  • All supplied equipment and materials must be accurately checked by the competitor upon commencing the competition.
  • All materials and equipment must be marked out/used in the most economical method.
  • Competitors will lose marks for any misplaced, lost or spoiled materials and/or equipment, where this is the result of competitor error.
  • Minimum marks will not be awarded for dimensional accuracy or technical perfection where instructions have been disobeyed.
  • Competitors are required to bring along their own PLC and associated programming tools. A typical PLC that would be suitable for this competition will need to have 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs. Analogue I/O capability is not required. PLCs with relay outputs are also acceptable but these may need to be passed through a convertor which will be provided.
  • A maximum of 2 teams of 2 competitors may enter this competition per location/campus, and up to a total of 5 teams of 2 competitors per organisation.