ETO Cadetship

Nautical students in the control room.

An Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) has responsibilities at sea related to the ship’s electrical systems; ranging from complex engine control systems to radars and electronic chart systems.  If you are thinking about a career in the Merchant Navy as an ETO we have a full range of courses to get you started on your career path.  There are different starting points depending on your qualifications and even an Access course if you don't have the required qualifications.  Please note that in order to join the Merchant Navy you must be able to pass an ENG1 medical examination.

Access to Maritime and STEM (August Pre-Cadetship) (SCQF 5) - This course is designed for students who have achieved National 4's at school or who would like to pursue a career at sea as an Officer, but do not yet meet the academic requirements for company selection.  This college course will give you the minimum academic requirements to apply for an HNC Cadet Programme through a sponsoring company or training provider. 

Cadet Entry Requirements

In order to stream cadets appropriately, it is imperative that their base level of academic attainment is assessed. Below are the minimum requirements for each level of cadet programme. For any candidates who do not meet these requirements please discuss with us so we can recommend an alternative entry route, for example through a pre-cadetship programme or completing some online courses prior to starting at City of Glasgow College.

HND Cadet Programmes
  • At least two Higher level or A2 level passes of which one should be Maths or a Physical science, or equivalent to meet the minimum 120 UCAS points entry-level PLUS four National 5's at grade A-C to include Mathematics, English, Science, plus one other. 
  • Successful completion of a Pre-cadetship at SCQF level 5.

Cadets should also have been successful in completing their own individual recruitment requirements for sponsorship. Please also note that the above is a minimum requirement and we are more than happy to discuss candidates with alternative qualifications or progression routes on a risk-based process.

Company Sponsored Courses 

HND Marine Electro-technology Cadet Programme (SCQF 8) - This course forms part of the Education & Training requirements to complete the Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) training programme and is aimed at cadets who have achieved National 5’s at school or who have completed the Access to Maritime & STEM course.  Applications for this programme should be made through an appropriate sponsor.

Please contact us for more information on our courses.