A Career in... Supply Chain Management

A Career in... Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain is very much in the news just now and what a great job they're doing keeping our shops stocked, food prices at the same level, sourcing PPE from around the globe to keep our key workers safe and everything else that supplies our vital services. The international elements make you an analyst in currency & seasonal fluctuations and it tests your emotional intelligence and ability to spin plates like nothing else.

The Course

During the course you will:

  • Learn how the supply chain is constructed, and the art of international storage and distribution. 
  • Develop your negotiation skills, and understand how contracts are developed to ensure goods and services are delivered on time, to the right place, in the right quantities.
  • Learn how seasonal supply and demand affects the availability of your favourite products (like clothes, food and drinks) and how weather and natural disasters can play a big part in the prices that we pay. 


Our graduates have gone on to work for organisations like Barclays Corporate Banking, Leonardo Defence, the NHS, Scottish Water, Tesco, The Scottish Government and many more.  Roles in this dynamic industry include:-

  • Buyers.
  • Logistics specialists. 
  • Warehouse Managers.
  • Supplier Managers. 

Further Study

The HND course can lead to study International Supply Chain Management at Glasgow Caledonian University (3rd Year direct entry).

Apply Now!

To apply to be a world travelling, plate spinning, risk taking negotiator who helps to source, make and distribute our vital services join one of our Supply Chain courses.

What do our students think?

I believe the HND Supply Chain Management course at City of Glasgow College provides a fantastic insight into the subject of supply chain management. The lecturing staff have vast knowledge and experience surrounding the subject and offer great support and teaching which enable students to learn and gain an understanding of supply chain management.

Students have a great opportunity to experience site visits as well as guest lectures from industry experts. During the 2nd year graded unit you will have the chance to work with a company to use your knowledge and experience to address a real-life situation which the company is currently experiencing. I am also of the opinion students’ confidence and skills grow over the two years and for those wanting to go to university after completing the HND, the knowledge gained from the course is invaluable.

The new state of the art campuses are a great learning environment and you will enjoy your two years on the course. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who has ambitions to pursue a career in supply chain management.

Andrew Young (HND Supply Chain Management and Glasgow Caledonian University Graduate)