Report and Support

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Report and Support

At City of Glasgow College we are committed to creating an inclusive culture for all students and staff. We are dedicated on ensuring our campuses are a safe space for our diverse community. We take reports of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and we encourage our community to speak out and report any instances of unwanted behaviour. 

Our online Report and Support tool provides a straightforward way to report any inappropriate behaviour; whether it is gender-based violence, harassment or any other form of discrimination. You can report anonymously or provide your name and contact details to be kept informed of the next steps and to receive the support you require.

The tool also provides a wide range of information and FAQs on the support available.

The site is not an emergency site, and is not staffed over the weekend. If your situation is urgent call Police Scotland on 999.

If you have any feedback, please email


While Report and Support is aimed to provide support for students who have experienced harassment, discrimination or gender-based violence, we also use the statistics from the reports to inform our work. Since the platform was launched in October 2021 we have received the following number of reports:

  • 2021/22: 22 reports.
  • 2022/23: 48 report.

In 2021/22 50% of reports were named reports, while in 2022/23 this rose to 65%. The majority of reports relate to harassment, gender-based violence or bullying with all named reports being contacted and supported by Student Advisors. We aim to increase named reporting to at least 90% by 2026. Students can access the full report on CityLife here

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