Get Involved

Students sitting in the Students Association area eating their lunch with other students in the background on PC and sitting in groups around a table chatting.

What is Student Engagement?

Student Engagement at City of Glasgow College is about students and staff working together to improve the learning and teaching experience. We want you to be involved in all aspects of your learning, to help shape the student experience and be a key part of the decision making process in the college.

Student Engagement Officers work across faculties and support the work of the Students’ Association to bring student groups together to action change. Students gain experience working in partnership with College staff across different departments and are provided with professional frameworks and opportunities to develop effective communication and group working skills as well as working towards shared goals that benefit their classmates. Check out the sparqs framework for Student Engagement.

How Do I Engage?

There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Be part of the Students' Association - The Students’ Association is run by an elected President, Vice Presidents and Executive Officers which form a student parliament. Students involved in these processes attend regular meetings of college boards, departmental meetings and host class rep networking sessions where they can share experiences and represent students' views.
  • Become a Class Rep – Class Reps are the voice of their classmates and course groups. They work together to explore what works well in their student experience and what could be changed. They have an opportunity to speak to students and staff about the overall student experience and work in partnership across different areas of the College and beyond. Your Voice Counts sessions involve constructive feedback gathering, helping students and staff work in partnership together to form meaningful relationships and work towards shared goals.
  • Take part in our Student Engagement Workshops - The Engagement Team will work with your lecturers to offer class groups opportunities to take part in a range of sessions. Workshops cover a range of topics and issues which affect the student experience – examples include social media safety, the blended learning experience, representation and forming respectful relationships at College. Get involved in group activity, discussion, team building and actively participate to build relationships with your peers.
  • Participate in a Student Engagement Dynamic Learning Initiative - These are ongoing, tailored projects that allow you to work with a different student group and sometimes within a community setting to explore, learn from each other and work together towards the same project aim. Dynamic Learning Initiatives vary depending on the needs of course groups, student opinion and current affairs. Previous student groups have won awards building greenhouses, restoration work, campaigning for environmental affairs and producing a travel guide. The Engagement Team are always keen to hear ideas from students to shape projects – speak to your lecturer to be put in touch and be part of something creative.

Contact Us

The Student Engagement Team are on campus Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm) and can be reached in the Students’ Association Spaces:

  • City Campus — 2nd floor. Tel: 0141 375 5322.
  • Riverside Campus — Ground floor. Tel: 0141 375 7375.

Or you can contact your designated Student Engagement Officer by email and they’ll be happy to make sure you get through to the appropriate staff member to support you: