Care Experienced Students

Two students working in a classroom at City campus.

Care Experienced Students

We're here to help you achieve your potential!

At City of Glasgow College, we're committed to supporting students who have been or are in care. We work closely with you and the people who support you to offer impartial advice and guidance to enable you to attend a college course and achieve your goals.

There are lots of things to think about when deciding to come to college. Our Student Advisors can help you to decide on your course, plan a visit, make an application and sort out your funding and accommodation. They'll also provide access to support services, including counselling, learning support and Action for Children, and help you get the best out of your time at City. We've outlined all the support available to you in our Guide for Care Experienced Students.

We also have named contacts so you know who to contact for help — but don't forget to tell us you're care experienced on your application so we can make contact with you. 

Named Contacts

  • Louise Downie, Student Advisor on 0141 375 5120.
  • Bobbie Giblin, Student Advisor on 0141 375 5106.
  • Graeme Smith, Student Advisor (Careers) on 0141 375 5177.
  • Aidan Hudner, Student Support and Guidance Manager on 0141 375 5118.
  • Lisa Hardy, Head of Student Support and Wellbeing on 0141 375 5116.
  • Email us -

Our Duty as Corporate Parents

In 2014 City of Glasgow College became a Corporate Parent. This means we have a legal responsibility to support our Care Experienced students. We have created a Corporate Parenting Plan to ensure that we continue to develop ourselves as a Corporate Parent and to ensure we uphold our legislative duties. The action plan is a working document and is reviewed and updated annually to ensure you can keep up-to-date with our progress.  

Further Information

The Become Charity is a voice for young people in care and care leavers. They understand that deciding whether to go to college or university and choosing what and where to study, are huge decisions for everyone. If you’re in care or a care leaver, you’re probably also worried about the cost, what support you could get, and where you’d live out of term-time. 

To help you make that important decision they've created Propel, an exciting new website giving you information about what colleges and universities across the UK offer to students leaving care. The site also has loads of other useful info, like an overview of student funding, specific advice for care leavers and inspirational stories from care-experienced students about how it was for them. To start your journey into higher education today, visit the Propel website and get inspired.

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