Services We Offer

You can find out more about the service the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team offer to our students.

    What is Counselling?

    Counselling – or ‘talking therapy’ - offers you a confidential space to explore your concerns. Your counsellor will offer you a safe and supportive relationship to share your thoughts and feelings, reflect on your situation and the choices you face. 

    This can increase your self-awareness, your understanding of your situation and the paths that are open to you. People have found counselling helpful for different issues including:

    • Coping with stress including transition to college.

    • Low mood/depression.

    • Anxiety.

    • Relationships.

    • Bereavement.

    • Self-harming or struggling with suicidal thoughts.

    The College is able to offer students up to 6 counselling sessions at either campus, normally weekly on the same day and time. Some sessions will feel more helpful than others, it's important to remember that counselling is a journey and can take time to notice a difference. 

    How to arrange an appointment

    The first step into counselling is to have an assessment appointment. This is a telephone conversation of up to 30 minutes where the counsellor can get to know you and understand how best to help you. The aim of the assessment is to help you access the best available support – this may be a referral for counselling sessions and/or other support services.

    To arrange a counselling assessment you need to log-in to MyCity, then it’s as easy as A, B, C…

                    MyCity Home Page  > Apps > Bookings > Counselling Assessment 

    You can find out more from our Counselling Leaflet.

    You will normally be able to book an assessment appointment within 3 weeks however availability can vary depending on demand.  

    The Service offers free and confidential support but is not an emergency service. If you require urgent support please go to Crisis Support.

    For any practical issues including housing, finances and academic queries please speak to a Student Advisor by telephoning 0141 375 5192 or email


    There are lots of ways that the staff at City of Glasgow College can support you while you’re here to ensure you maintain good mental health and reduce any barriers to your learning.

    If you have a mental health issue, we encourage you to tell us about it as early as possible so we can put the right support in place. Even if it’s not causing any problems at the moment, it’s good for us to know about it so that we can put plans in place in case things change in the future.

    We can offer learning and wellbeing support and this can be tailored to what meets your needs at different times throughout your course. 

    There are different ways you can access the support of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator. Their support is tailored to you. Some of the things that they can support you with are to help you develop coping strategies; link you in with support in and outside of college and create a ‘Staying Well in College plan’. Speak to your Learning Support Lecturer or Advisor, Guidance Tutor or Student Advisor if you want to find out more.

    Some of the wellbeing activities we offer are:-

    • Yoga classes – yoga can improve your concentration and mood as well as improve your flexibility and fitness.  You can book this class on MyCity.

    • City SA Sports Clubs and Societies – exercise, meeting people and getting involved in activities that make you feel valued can improve your confidence and mood. Check out City SA for more info.

    • Mindfulness – we offer courses and tasters in Mindfulness, a life skill that can help you to manage stress, anxiety and low mood.  You can book this course on MyCity.